Armenious violin, viola, and cello makers work in the best Cremonese violin making traditions in Toronto, Canada. Their hand crafted instruments are well at work in musicians' hands in many countries.Both professional musicians and serious aspiring students use these instruments. Clear tonal qualities, rich timbre and the beauty of the sound make Armenious instruments stand out. Hratch Armenious Violin MakerThe love, passion and high level of workmanship that is put in these instruments make them highly valuable, not only as fine works of art but also as wonderful musical instruments to be cherished and used for music making. Today, many musicians use Armenious instruments. These instruments have the ability to greatly inspire musicians by delivering the needed response that is so essential for fine music making.

Hratch Armenious has been making instruments for over 45 years now. It has been his passion and part of his professional life for all this time, perfecting the art of instrument making to the highest degree. Musicians are truly fortunate to have a master violin maker like Hratch Armenious among themselves. The experience that Hratch has accumulated over the years is of great importance and value.







Artak Armenious has established himself as a talented instrument maker though the hard work and the achievement of beautiful instruments that come across as fine musical instruments to be played and enjoyed. He has been making instruments for nearly 20 year now. Artak Armenious Violin Maker