Corey Gemmell Violinist in Toronto, Canada"I have had the privilege and honour of performing on a violin made by Hratch Armenious since 2005. Mr. Armenious made the violin for me as a commissioned instrument during the summer of that year. I had known of his work through several colleagues and knew him to be an artist of the highest order from his repair and restoration work on my other violin and my bows. I required another instrument and turned to his expertise. From the wood to the varnish, from start to finish, I was absolutely entranced with Mr. Armenious’ creative genius. The final result is a violin of great visual beauty only surpassed by its’ tonal brilliance. Like all truly great violins his instrument sounds beautiful and sweet under the ear and yet projects to far corners of a concert hall."

"I have performed on my Armenious in numerous concertos with several orchestras, in recitals and in chamber music. I am always complimented on my violin’s warm, sweet tone, and I always receive comments on how clearly the audience can hear me over an orchestra or a piano. Mr. Armenious manages to imbue these wonderful qualities into his violins and yet somehow so little effort is required on my part. There is a wonderful ease of playing that makes performing on his violin such a delight. I was so impressed by the violin Mr. Armenious made for me that I commissioned him to make another for my daughter. In my experience there is not another violin maker who can compare with the craftsmanship and artistry of Hratch Armenious."

— Corey Gemmell, Violinist/Concertmaster of Orchestra Toronto

Alexandra Lee Cellist in Toronto, Canada"I was so taken with my cello from the first moment. It is beautiful to see, and hold, and hear. Its tone has developed even more richness and complexity over the years. I feel so lucky to have such a powerful instrument, and even more fortunate to know such a masterful and caring cello maker as Hratch Armenious."

— Alexandra Lee, Principal Cellist for the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra

Georgi Arutyunyan Violinist in Cairo Egypt"I know master-luthier Hratch Armenious since 1981. After my first visit at his workshop, I knew right away that I was dealing with a professional of the highest level and decided to always attend his workshop for my instrument's needs. Armenious instruments are played on in many countries around the world. His son Artak Armenious is continuing the family traditions. Instruments of Hratch and Artak Armenious stand out by their beautiful sound and highest level of workmanship."

— Georgi Arutyunyan, Violinist/Concertmaster of the Cairo Symphony Orchestra

Gayane Bareghamyan Violinist in Toronto, Canada"It is an honour and a privilege to play on an Armenious violin. My Armenious violins, one made by Hratch Armenious and the other by Artak Armenious are bringing me such joy and fulfilment as a violinist who seeks the best and the finest qualities in an instrument.
My Armenious violin gives me limitless opportunities while performing. It creates an urge to share the music with my audience. Thank you for keeping the highest standards of making instruments and helping musicians to find the best instrument."

— Gayane Bareghamyan, Violinist