Armenious violin, viola, and cello makers work in the best violin making traditions. Their hand crafted instruments are well at work in musicians' hands in many countries. Clear tonal qualities, rich timbre and the beauty of the sound make Armenious instruments stand out. The love, passion, together with years of experience and high level of workmanship that is put in these instruments make them highly valuable as wonderful musical instruments to be cherished and used for music making. Today, many musicians play on Armenious instruments. Armenious instruments have the ability to greatly inspire and enable musicians to discover more and more beauty of the music making and to respond to their needs.

Hratch Armenious Violin MakerHratch Armenious has been making violins, violas and cellos for over 45 years now. It has been his passion and part of his professional life for all this time, perfecting the art of instrument making to the highest level. Repairing and restoration of instruments and bows with the highest degree of care, attention and most importantly the love for the instruments and bows. Local musicians are truly fortunate to have the master violin luthier among themselves and be able to talk about their instrument's needs and concerns on a direct and personal level.

The experience that Hratch has accumulated over the years is of paramount importance to the art of violin making and restoration of instruments. Friendly and approachable, is how you would characterize the experience of showing your instrument or bow to Hratch for checking or repairing. It is as if your instrument becomes alive by his magic touch. Instruments made by the master luthier can be relied on for a clear tonal and at the same time rich timbral expression that will satisfy even the most discerning musician. This culminating result comes from the experience and all the complex work that goes into making the instruments.


Artak Armenious Violin MakerArtak Armenious has established himself as a talented instrument maker though the careful and passionate work which results in the achievement of beautiful instruments that come across as fine musical instruments to be played with the confidence. He has been making instruments for nearly 20 year now. Today many young musicians play on Artak's instruments.