violin bow, viola bow, cello bow work Armenious luthiers perform complete range of bow related work, at the utmost professional level and using highest quality materials. It is no secret that the bow is as important as the instrument and so its maintenance is also very important for the discerning musician.

For optimum performance the bow hair should be replaced every six to twelve months depending on the intensity of its use. But a good way to know that your bow hair needs to be replaced is when you find that you frequently need to apply rosin to make the instrument sound properly. Also, taking care of your bow stick and its hair means that you need to wipe clean the bow stick after playing, unwind the screw to a minimum tension of hair and never touch the hair with fingers to prevent oily substances from getting onto the hair.

Eyelet and screw sometimes gets worn out and needs replacing. Eyelet is made of softer metal than the screw thus ensuring that screw shaft lasts longer. It is very important not to over-tighten the bow hair. When you feel that there is no more room to tighten then please stop in order to prevent eyelet damage. This might happen when the hair is too long.

The bone tip is very important for keeping the hair in place at the tip of the bow and insuring the bow tip's integrity in general. If the bone tip is too thin or is cracked at the edges of the tip hole then it might be necessary to replace the bone tip.

Another aspect to look after for bows is the thumb leather. This is the soft cushion that the thumb rests on while holding the bow. The leather gets worn out where the thumb rests on so it might be necessary to replace it. We use soft leather that is as good looking as it feels great. The thumb leather and it extension the silver winding also act as a protectors for the bow stick as well as keeping its weight in good balance.

📦 Mail-in Bow Rehairs and Repairs

We provide mail-in rehair and repair service for bows. In order to learn more, please fill out the form below. We provide safe shipping containers that can be used over and over again. Please let us know if you need one for one time price of $13 CAD. These shipping containers hold up to 3 bows.

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