We do any type of instrument repairs/restorations, after all we are violin, viola, and cello makers ourselves. Great care, individuality and attention is always applied because musical instruments require this and the discerning musician knows the importance of having the instrument in the best possible state. violin repair, viola repair and cello repair in toronto

Instrument repair and restoration is needed when the instrument is damaged. Armenious luthiers will restore the damaged instrument to bring it back to life. Cracks will be fixed together, reinforced and varnish will be touched up to ensure functional, acoustic and aesthetic aspects of the instrument are intact. If there are open seams they will be glued together with special sturgeon glue which has just the right qualities for instruments. Neck and scroll repairs might be necessary if there is a pegbox crack or if the peg holes have become too wide.

Instrument set up is extremely important and proper set up of the instrument can make a world of difference. Hand cutting the bridge to fit the instrument both aesthetically and functionally and placing the sound post and adjusting it for the best possible sound production is essential for the instrument. But this is not all that is required for having a proper sounding instrument that is functional and ergonomic for the musician. Crafting the fingerboard with slight concavity and having the correct radius and being properly dressed will make placing fingers on it feel both natural and enjoyable experience and will allow the musician to concentrate on creating beautiful music. Having properly functioning pegs that are neither too tight or loose saves the musician a lot of frustration and discomfort. There are many more aspects to instrument set up and adjustment which ensure the instrument works in harmonious fashion and allows the musician to create music with it. With years of accumulated experience and knowledge, Armenious luthiers bring forth a quality that the the discerning musician will recognize.

📦 Mail-in Repairs

We do accept mail-in instrument repair works from across Canada and USA. Following a quick assessment and evaluation of the repairs needed (usually done by emailing us pictures of the instrument), you can ship your instrument to us, we'll complete the work and mail it back to you. If you would like to learn more or to discuss your instrument repair please feel free contact us. Note that the same also applies to bows.