Privacy Policy

This document explains our policy on the information received from you during your visits to our web site. The sources of information received and stored are first Google Analytics which may also use cookies in order to facilitate this. Second is the Enquiry Form, which you may fill out or otherwise choose to send us a direct email that may contain your personal information such as name and contact information. And third is Online Chat service which you may use to communicate with us. The Online Chat service will use cookies in order to facilitate its functionality and may save any communication and contact information for future use. You, as our website visitor implicitly accept this policy if you would like to use our website. We will not sell or otherwise compromise any personal information received from you. We may use the contact details to communicate with you directly or through a third-party platform.

Website Analytics

We utilize Google Analytics platform to generate website statistics regarding site visits. This information includes, but not limited to, the browser, device, date and time of visit, location, referral website, etc. We do not have the capability or desire to personally identify our website visitor, but instead the collected information enables Google Analytics platform to generate and display statistics about website visitations. And this in turn enables us to fine tune and make changes to our website to make it more useful and easier to use.

Contact Us Form, Online Chat, and Emails

All personal information that you communicate to us through the Contact Us form of our website, Online Chat or through Emails that you send us, are strictly for internal use by Armenious Violins in order to facilitate and enable us to provide services and communicate to you as necessary. The communication that you send through these channels may be saved in our systems. We may use the contact details to communicate with you directly or through a third-party email distribution platform. You will be enabled to opt-out from receiving newsletters, postcards, promotional emails that we may send you from time to time.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are short text files saved by your browser in order to store snippets of information such as the last time the website was accessed from your device, etc. Our site utilizes cookies for Google Analytics and the online chat service. Plug-ins such as Google Maps, Facebook, etc. may also utilize cookies. We may make use of these plugins as needed in order to help facilitate communication. If you choose so you may disable the use of cookies from your browser. Please check your browser help for more details on this.


We use SSL technology (HTTPS:// protocol) to ensure that all the communication between you and the website server is secure and encrypted.